How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Seniors

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Seniors

Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year — an awesome opportunity for the whole family, including the seniors to gather together — to give thanks for all the blessings in your life and enjoy each moment together.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange activities that the whole family can really enjoy this Thanksgiving.  

Here are simple ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your senior loved ones.  

  1. Plan a Perfect Thanksgiving Meal.

Preparing and cooking your family’s favorite recipes like the traditional Thanksgiving turkey with all the fixings is one of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your elderly parents. Let them choose exactly what recipes they what to have for dinner and get them involved in the process so they feel valued and useful.  Cooking is one of the best ways you can interact with seniors and at the same time it allows them to reminisce about family traditions, favorite recipes and stories from the past celebrations.  Arrange a nice table and create an atmosphere worth remembering.

  1. Be Thankful and Grateful.

The importance of Thanksgiving celebration is all about expressing gratitude and appreciation for family, friends and relatives. Appreciate and honor your senior loved ones by observing family traditions, preparing family dishes and sharing stories about how your seniors touched and influenced your life. Surprise your elderly parents, grandmas and grandpas with gifts, flowers and cards to convey your appreciation and gratefulness.  Grab the early Black Friday deals to shop and get the best gifts and keepsakes for your loved ones that they will cherish.  

  1. Play Cards or Board Games Together. 

Playing a game with our seniors is one of the simplest and yet the best activities to interact with them. Cards and board games like monopoly and domino are a great opportunity for quality time, likewise they provide awesome developmental benefits for children and prevent or reduce cognitive decline in older adults.

  1. Go for a Walk in the Park.

Get outdoors, view and admire the beauty of the fall foliage. A walk in the park or  around the neighborhood isn’t just about appreciating the beauty of nature as the leaves change colors, but walking is also beneficial for you and your senior loved ones overall health and well being. Make sure to bundle up to keep you warm, and bring medical alert systems to track your location and send the help you need in case of emergency. 

  1. Just Enjoy the Day from Home.

If your elderly loved ones choose to stay and relax at home this Thanksgiving, give them a throw blanket which is just perfect to snuggle up with their favorite book or root for their favorite football team while enjoying a warm cup of tea or homemade apple cider. Or maybe you can help them reconnect with friends and relatives by sending greeting cards or writing letters.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with your senior loved ones is a great way to keep them socially active, which is beneficial for their health and well being.